Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum application for identification of an area for the purposes of neighbourhood planning


Map of proposed area



Key:    Blue line indicates boundary of proposed neighbourhood area

            Red line indicates development site in Ealing Development Plan (Core Strategy)

Details of proposed area


Starting from north-west corner (St Leonard’s  Road bridge over railway):

south side of railway line to Springbridge Road car park;

west of car park and properties to the west of Haven Green, including garages at east end of Gordon Road;

Haven Green Baptist Chuch and grounds, east behind Haven Green Court and other properties north of Haven Green to Mount Park Road;

Greenlaw Court and garages behind to centre point of Woodville Road;

east along north side of Haven Green/Madeley Road to Haven Lane, including 2 Haven Lane;

south across Madeley Road, between No 2 and former Haven Green Post Office, behind properties to east of Haven Green including Haven Green Squash Club;

east along boundary of LUL District Line to point behind 41 Madeley Road/Ealing Village;

south across railway lines, then east to rear of College Court and along the centre of The Mall to North Common Road, then south down Florence Road;

west behind properties fronting The Mall to Northcote Avenue (excluding Northcote Apartments) and to Windsor Road including No 3 Windsor Road;

south down centre of Windsor Road to Oak Road;

follow boundary of the Ealing Broadway Centre including car park ramp to Grove Road, behind properties to west of Grove Road to The Grove but including the Clergy House, along The Grove to No 2;

left behind The Grove pub and other properties on The Green/St Mary’s Road to The Park, include YMCA and UWL grounds to west of 83 Warwick Road;

west along Warwick Road to centre St Mary’s Road, then north to point beyond and behind Disraeli Road;

west behind properties in Disraeli road/Lammas Park Gardens and follow Walpole Park boundary behind properties on Culmington Road as far as St Raphael’s House 86 Mattock Lane;

between 86 and 87 Mattock Lane (Marie Stopes Clinic);

west along Mattock Lane as far as Culmington Road;

north at centre of Culmington Road to centre of Uxbridge Road, east to St Leonard’s Road then north up centre of road as far as railway bridge (start point).





Application for identification of a neighbourhood area submitted by the interim Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum (CENF).


Statement explaining why the proposed area as in Attachment A is considered appropriate for designation.


The area is largely the same as in the application for front runner status entitled “A Neighbourhood Plan for Ealing Broadway and Environs” and approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government for a grant under its scheme.  It covers the sections of Ealing town centre defined in that application as the Ealing Town Centre, the Cultural Quarter and the Office Quarter. 


These three linked and to some extent overlapping segments of Ealing’s town centre represent the heart of the borough and contain most of the commercial, cultural and administrative activities which serve the wider surrounding community.  The boundaries are generally well defined, with neighbouring areas other than to the west being largely established residential enclaves.  West Ealing has its own rather different characteristics, which are more appropriately dealt with in its own local plan and which were subject to a separate (and also successful) application for front runner status.


The three segments of the Ealing Broadway centre therefore constitute together an appropriate area for neighbourhood planning.  Together with the proposal by the interim West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum (WECNF), whose application for recognition as a neighbourhood forum for the purposes of neighbourhood planning was submitted to the Council on 13 July, the present applications include the whole of the Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre (EMTC) as defined in the Ealing Development Plan.  The western boundary of the proposed CENF area has been discussed and agreed with the WECNF and also represents the eastern boundary of their application area.


Some other elements of the boundaries of the EMTC needed to be re-examined to ensure a logical area is established for local planning.  For example, the line runs across the centre of Walpole Park, cutting the now designated public open space/metropolitan open land in two.  In other areas, properties on one side of two open spaces inside the EMTC are included, while those on the other side are excluded.  Properties occupied by two major establishments of significance for the town centre and which serve a wide surrounding catchment, the YMCA and the University of West London, are presently outside.


The boundaries in the present application have therefore been widened to include:

  • all of Walpole Park
  • significant commercial and community properties which serve more than the immediate locality and are of importance to the town centre as a whole (eg, YMCA, University of West London main campus)
  • properties which immediately adjoin the area and which are directly affected by it, including those which front onto the main green spaces (Ealing Green, Haven Green, Walpole Park), and those within a natural boundary such as the railway line (eg Craven Avenue).


No application by a relevant body has to our knowledge been submitted for identification as a neighbourhood area which contains any part of the proposed Central Ealing area, nor is there any other application or area which borders the present application area other than that applied for by the WECNF.