1A Haven Green petition

A petition to oppose the redevelopment of 1A Haven Green (formerly The Haven Pub and Restaurant) and properties in Springbridge Mews

Mr Victor Mishiku - a longstanding Ealing resident and founder of "The Covenant Movement" - who has been extremely generous with his time and experience in the past over supporting various campaigns for the preservation of Ealing - has set up a Petition to prevent the redevelopment of 1A Haven Green and adjacent properties, including adjoining green space and major changes in Springbridge Mews.

He is asking that you support this Petition and asks if you can send your name, address and POST CODE to him at vmfree@madasafish.com or out of the kindness of his heart, you can even phone him on 020 8991 2538
and he will add them to the petition.

In his words 
"To any neighbours who live in or visit Ealing and who wish to support the neighbourhood Petition but have not yet had a chance to do so, if you simply send me your name and address & postcode, we will print and add your name onto the list of objectors shown on the Petition sheets before sending in a copy of the entire Petition to the Planning Department case officer, Mr Peter Lee (Leep@Ealing.gov.uk), later this month. Thank you."

You can view the Petition front page which includes full details and includes the old photograph here

Incidentally, the developers live on a 7-Acre plot in Woodmansey in the East Riding of Yorkshire in a grand house well-shielded from neighbours and complete with a large private lake!

11th July 2014