SEC's Vision defines the principles that we believe should guide future development in Ealing. We see the six central sites - Dickens Yard, the Arcadia Centre, Ealing Broadway Station, the Cinema site (opposite the Town Hall), Lamertons and the Ealing Broadway Centre - as a linked opportunity to revitalise the town centre.

The purpose of the Vision is to:
  • Provide a coherent vision for Ealing to guide planners and developers, and as SEC's suggestions to the two Neighbourhood Forums in central and west Ealing as a base for neighbourhood planning..

  • Give SEC a clear set of principles to take to the Council, to respond to new development proposals and to shape the new Local Development Framework.

  • Explain what SEC is about, to attract wider support in the local community.

  • Provide a basis for us to develop and evaluate more detailed plans- eg on an integrated transport interchanges or town centre layouts.

The Vision document has eight sections, which can be accessed through the link below.

October 2012

Vision statement